Saturday, 6 July 2019

Dutch Manor

Cape Town is the destination where the mighty Atlantic and Indian oceans meet. Majestic mountains surrounding the city, heavenly waves embrace the dazzling shores and sky bursts into dusty rose, purple and violet symphonies. With its emblematic sights and pulsating center of unique culture, it is not surprising that Cape Town is a magical city.
Dutch Manor, a Boutique Hotel In Cape Town has capacity in the summer months, with a list of fun things that will give you a new urban experience in the city. Below are tips for you enjoy your next stay in Cape Town.

Tips to enjoy your next stay in Cape Town- boutique hotel in Cape Town

Nothing says more "life of luxury" than personal icons and chefs. Plan your next stay with us. Imagine that- you've just escaped the glorious nap to wake up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee (or, you know, whatever you want) and knock on your personal butler's door that a cart full of slyunche-worthy dishes cooked by your chef. Do you want to get back to reality? I doubt it. Imagine that your next stay in Cape Town will enjoyable with highly decorated, comfortable and cozy hotel room in the city.
§  Unique factor: Enjoy the privacy and comfort of your own space, being close to the city's business centers.
§  Instead of just staying in remote places, how about trying to get an executive room. Enjoy the beautiful view of nature, while having maximum fun!  Enjoy the best of foreign and local music with a summer concert in the boutique hotel in Cape Town while picnicking.
§  Why not take a new perspective on popular beaches? Try water by renting a yacht! Exercise and rent a bike. Great activity for the whole family, why fight in Cape Town? Let more private tours take you to the best sights. Stretch these legs and gaze with the mountain on foot. Why wait for a safari to see birds? Go to Boulders Beach to watch the penguins in their natural habitat. Combine it with an activity like the Duck Run Vegenoegd or the Blauwklippen family market. Why go straight to the hotel after dinner? Take a walk to Adderly Street and see the Christmas lights of Cape Town.
While we provide you comfortable places to lay your head, we also care about you having maximum fun while you are in Cape Town.  We have provided you some tips, use them, and have great fun un the city. Good Luck!
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