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Wedding Catering Capetown

It's almost always food when it comes to your major investment on your wedding day.
However, eating is not just a special at events, but sitting at a table with your loved ones is really special. It can be a big deal to plan a bridal breakfast here in Cape Town. Perhaps this is because it is the first meal the couple will be taking together. Not only are you trying to potentially satisfy a lot of people with various tastes, but this is not an ancient meal, so you really want to make it special. Fortunately, you are not in this alone- we are here to guide you through the way.
Out Of This Planet Catering is a Cape Town based agency that offers fresh, seasonal and delicious food in an elegant way. We take pride in producing great food for beautiful occasions, and it is important that we ensure that everything is perfect for a memorable event such as a marriage ceremony.
So we will explain how to provide enough feed for all guests, how much food the caterer can incorporate and what needs to be left behind in the budget.

Best tips for creating a perfect Breakfast for a Wedding

Choose a season

Surely, everybody will want food served at their wedding to be the best, and could it be more perfect than serving your delicious seasonal food? Being seasonal means not only that the food tastes good but also that local ingredients are readily available.
Keeping it seasonally ensures that your menu is affordable, and also means that you have the best ingredients. The seasonal menu will make sure you get along well.

Make a budget

Having a meal budget is very important to your wedding, not only for you but also for catering agency. If they know how much you want to spend on food, it is easier for you to put together a perfect menu. The moment you have disclosed your budget, caterers can present different, fun and exciting options to choose from, you can prepare a vivid menu for every budget. Think of it as something else from your plate (and come back!).

Links in the theme

Including a light theme to your wedding can stamp a little personality on your day, and having food or catering that suits your vision will make your day special.
With a clear theme in mind, whether it's a British branch or a California dream, share it with your catering so that they can reflect the food according to your taste.

Think about hiring

What ties your wedding theme is a place setting. This includes plates, cutlery and glasses. Not everyone knows that caterers are responsible for providing them, so don't ignore the cost of hiring them, especially if you want something special to adapt to the theme.
We can save you the stress and provide you excellent Wedding Catering Cape Town. Why not reach out to us now? Good Luck.
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